Why Invest in Print Media? Heart Media talk with Olivier Burlot at the Swiss Business Association

Posted by Bid4Ad on Sep 3, 2014 10:01:55 PM

Yesterday, the Bid4Ad team was kindly invited to the latest industry talk organized by the Swiss Business Association of Singapore, by WEY Technology (solutions for data visualisation and operator control in command centres and on trading floors).

This month, the conference was given by M. Olivier Burlot, CEO and Publisher of Heart Media, the famous disrupter in the print media market in Singapore, and graciously hosted by Fabio Fede at Mercuri Urval offices. M. Burlot acquired the publishing group Heart Media in 2013, and he took us through his journey to build his empire in a year and a half. Today, Heart Media is proudly among the top 5 in Singapore, with 8 magazines (among which L'Officiel, WOW, Palace and Art Republik) and 40 employees - only 5% the staff of the big #1, SPH.

But in this age of digital ovation, one must ask: Why Invest in Print Media?

One - Heart Media aims at producing high-quality magazines, with original content and using cutting-edge printing technology. Olivier showed us the texture of the paper in WOW (World of Watched), allowing readers to sense the guilloche of the watches, thus providing a unique reading and sensory experience.

Two - Once magazines have an established reputation and recognized brand name, Heart Media is able to license them to publishers abroad who will produce the titles in new markets in South East Asia. This way, the group has an opportunity to expand and diversify geographically, while minimizing the risk taken.

Three - Heart Media is agile and able to leverage digital media to complement their print content. For instance, you can find the behind-the-scene videos of fashion photo shoots on their website. However, creating high-end digital media (such as company videos or product presentation) remains a very costly exercise, for which the ROI remains uncertain.

Four - The prestigious industries of Art, Fashion, Watches, Jewellery, and Real Estate still rely on print because these are things we still want to stop and stare at, touch and see the vivid colours, getting a sense of depth. Digital consumption of media is more suitable to topics that we want to consume quickly, straight to the point, and jumping to the most up-to-date information - such as news, finance, and food.

Five - The tangible presence in print media is well complemented by participation and support to a variety of events by Heart Media, as the team participates to Art Stage Singapore, The Affordable Art Fair, Maison & Objets, and organizes exclusive events pertaining to fashion, music, and connaisseur night-life.

You can find out more about Heart Media magazines on their website, and purchase advertising spaces in their magazines Palace, L'Officiel, Form, Men's Folio, WOW, and Art Republik on Bid4Ad.

Jean-Claude Marchand (Founder and Chairman, Bid4Ad), Gregory Marchand (Co-founder, Bid4Ad), Gael Burlot (Executive Director, Heart Media) - from left to right
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