SG FLASH! One Fullerton, LIV by Expat Living & Vivafit gyms

Posted by Bid4Ad on May 26, 2015 2:13:53 PM

We have new items on the menu!

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6 Reasons Why You Want To Have Out-of-Home Advertising in Fitness & Yoga Centers

Posted by Bid4Ad on May 31, 2014 11:35:22 PM

1. Out-of-Home is one of the most demanded media channels - Over the last 10 years, out-of-home media expenditures tripled in Singapore alone, making it one of the most demanded media channels. Good news is, Bid4Ad allows you to find the right out-of-home locations and supports for your specific communication needs in this fragmented market.

2. Singapore’s population is dynamic, and the city is full of Fitness & Yoga centers - Through Bid4Ad, it is now possible to acquire advertising spaces in fitness & yoga centers.

3. These centers offer a wide diversity of ad supports – The available ad spaces vary from being placed in the reception area, lockers, changing rooms, or in the gym itself, and locations include both big gym chains and boutique yoga centers.

4. Fitness & Yoga centers allow you to target your audience thoroughly – Are you a sportswear reseller? A cosmetics brand? A food & beverage company? Or else, but you probably want to talk to those consumers who strive to be fit, take care of themselves, and are health conscious. And that’s where you’ll find them!

5. They are collaborative & insightful people to work with – The truth is, they usually know their customers pretty well, and can tell you a lot about their preferences and habits. And their customers are your customers…

6. Fitness & Yoga centers will give you the flexibility you need – Whether you want the staff to know and talk a bit about your product, to provide samples or display it. And they are probably much easier to deal with than the big media space corporations!

Waste no time, sign up on, and start bidding for your desired ad spaces. We also have a pretty good referral program, check out more details on our website or Facebook page.

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