Ad-blocking software, the war on online advertising

Posted by Bid4Ad on Sep 15, 2015 2:39:09 PM

With the launch of the new iPhone 6S / Plus, we hear a lot of discussions around ad-blocking software and their impact on marketers & advertisers. We found two reads worth your time:

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Topics: online advertising, marketer, ad-blocking, AdAge, advertising, advertiser, Ad News, war on advertising, ad, eMarketer, software

Advertising on Instagram? Coming soon...

Posted by Bid4Ad on Aug 14, 2015 8:09:50 PM

Advertising options get broader as Instagram opens its platform to all advertisers this fall. It's all about identifying which platforms are best for your brand to build a successful multimedia campaign!

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Topics: marketing, instagram, advertising, campaign, platform, Ad News, multimedia, brand, media channels, media, channel, eMarketer

“The era of delightful connections” in digital marketing

Posted by Bid4Ad on Jun 22, 2015 7:56:40 PM

In an interview with eMarketer, Reza Behnam, Founder & CEO of CtrlShift, shares his views on the evolution of the old-school ad model in APAC:

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Topics: marketing, CtrlShift, old school, digital, Reza Behnam, advertising, Ad News, trend, programmatic, apac, ad, eMarketer, advertising agency

The secret to beating B2B sales quotas

Posted by Bid4Ad on Jun 17, 2015 7:28:13 PM

What if using social media personally increased the success rate of sales people? "Social isn’t just good for closing deals though; respondents found that it was useful throughout the sales process."

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Topics: marketing, B2B, sales, social media, deals, success story, Ad News, eMarketer

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